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Tone. Style. Innovation.

I started building mandolins my senior year of high school as a result of a conversation with my Dad. I wanted a better instrument than I had and was ready to purchase one of the better imported ones when he suggested that I try building my own; A book by Roger Siminoff and some tools and wood came soon after that and a decade later here we are!

My mandolins are a product of my continuing passion for tone and an eye for detail, I choose the raw wood first with it’s resonance in mind trying to pick tops and backs that will complement each other and then I consider the aesthetics to please the eye. I build to a specific set of measurements and then carefully adjust the final stiffness with a process called Tap Tuning to get the best from each piece of wood.

Tim & Louisa Stegman

Tim Stegman; Head Luthier.
Louisa Stegman; keeps it all together.
Zachary; apprentice #1.
Anders; apprentice #2.
Edward; cleanup crew #1.
Abigail; cleanup crew #2.

Carl; cleanup apprentice #1

Baby; TBD!

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