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Looking for great Tone in a mandolin? You’re at the right place!

Traditional F-5 Mandolins with a Custom Flair

To me, a mandolin is a thing of beauty. My goal is to build a better instrument through modern innovation while still respecting traditional styles; that goes for my version of the Loar F-5 as well as my own variations of the theme.

About Me

I’m a man who loves Jesus Anointed and my family. My work is an enjoyable mix of sight and sound involving wood, what could be better?

I’m grateful to be building mandolins because I love them and I can do it with my family close by, often right in the shop with me. Rossman is a mix of my middle name and the first few letters of mandolin, I needed a peghead name and that seemed to flow nicely.


I want to serve God and bring Him glory through my work, and I want to use the skills and abilities I have to bless you with the best tone possible

- Tim Stegman

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